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Custom Airbrush

We are well-known for our custom airbrushes!

Airbrush tanning is a form of sunless tanning that won't damage your skin, and can offer a natural, streak-free tan.  A popular alternative to tanning beds, airbrush tans are not only attractive and safe, but they also save you time and money!

When you come in for your appointment, our BRONZE MAFIA (trained technicians) will start with a consultation to ensure we achieve the perfect color for you!  Whether you are needing a glow for that little black dress or if you need a tropical bronze for the beach, we got you covered.

Please review the DO'S & DON'Ts (below) ahead of your sunless appointment with us.

Note:  Airbrushes are by appointment only.


It is just as important to us-if not more- that you love your spray tan. After all, you are literally our walking advertisement! For this reason, we have compiled a list of do's & don'ts to help you.

Please read the instructions below carefully: 

DO shave, shower and exfoliate either the day before or at least an hour before your appointment. Ivory bar soap and a washcloth are best to use (and shave with), but if you have residue from any sunless product it is recommended to use exfoliators made for sunless sprays 24-48 hours before your appointment first, then purchase an exfoliationg towelette on the day of your spray.

DO relay any and all info regarding your before appt prep and any products you used - this is one of the most critical steps, as we need to be able to advise you on the proper before-care and your color, and there are alot of products out there that can interfere with sunless sprays. Trust us- we have been doing this for many years-we know what we are doing!

Typically, most bar soaps, shower gels, body washes, and shaving creams contain moisturizers that will prohibit the solution from properly reaching your skin-so can sugar or salt exfoliators that are suspended in oil. You need to be upfront in informing us what you used :)

DON'T use Dove, Caress, Oil of Olay, or any moisturizing soaps or shower gels,exfoliators right before a spray tan- if you do, IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU GET THE TOWELETTE! P.S. Just rinsing off with just water right before your appointment is definitely not good enough. Have no product on your body when you come in!


During Appointment

1. An important part in your experience here is that you are comfortable during your tanning appointment. Some type of garment must be worn on the bottom. Ladies we can provide you with a disposable g-string if you like or your own dark bathing suit or underwear will work fine as well. Men should wear either boxers or a bathing suit.

2. Wear loose clothing to your appointment and for the next several hours.


The biggest killers of spray tans are sports bras, jeans, and socks!

3. Included in the spray solution is an instant bronzer that gives you immediate color applied with the DHA tanning solution- this will rinse off during your next shower. From our experience and from feedback from our customers it washes out of everything we know of with possibly the exception of some lace and wool.

After Care​

1. To achieve the deepest color, wait at least 12-24 hours til your next shower. In the meantime DO NOT SWEAT, GET WET, WORK OUT, DO CHORES, DO DISHES, SCRUB FLOORS, ETC. If you cannot go home and "be a princess" then use common sense. Avoid spraying perfumes and body sprays directly to the skin after. Avoid exfoliating after a spray tan. Drink with a straw!

All of these cautions come from experiences- remember, we have been doing this for a long time :)

Warm water rinse your first shower, pat dry, and use a recommended moisturizer* immediately and liberally.

*Be cautious that your moisturizer does not contain mineral oil, petroleum, or petrolatum as this can take your sunless product off of you!

We have a wide range of moisturzers and body care items to choose from and can show you on the day of your appointment.

2. Ladies when shaving your legs after your spray tan shave with the growth of your hair and with a very light touch.

3. Keep your skin hydrated (once again make sure your moisturizer does not contain mineral oil!) And use your maintenance products in- between spray tans. We suggest the products designed specifically to extend your spray tan. Ask us! We love to tell you how you can keep your beautiful spraytan looking awesome! There are amazing maintenance products that even spray upside down or apply as a mousse or a lotion.

Airbrush Gallery

All spray tans pictured below were done exclusively by Sinfully Good Body & Soul.  Photos are provided by various happy clients.

Bronze Mafia​

Education is a top-priority at our salon.  Our spray tanning team, the Bronze Mafia, is Master Certified in airbrushing, Certified in Colorology, and trained in contouring & sculpting.

We are proudly a Norvell-Certified salon and use Norvell Pro Solutions

Book an Airbrush Party with us!

Bachelorette, bridal parties, sorority houses or just a fun night with friends... come in as a group or have us come to you!  Yes... we are also mobile!

Get a group discount on a full-body custom airbrush.   

Save money and have a great time!  

Call us for group rates & details.

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